About Me

Hi guys, my name is Ahmad Arib Alfarisy, you could call me Arib.

Currently, I’m studying at Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, for my master degree. I did my bachelor in Mercubuana University, Indonesia. Both in full scholarships, well, I always love to have free education šŸ˜€

Study in my master degree just one of the things that I do here in Shanghai, besides in school, I study a lot of other things as well, such as:

  • Web Developer and Server, in my intern place at Megi China, this is one hell of an awesome startup in Shanghai. I like my work as a web developer here, handling WordPress and Aliyun server. I’m getting better at this field each time they have an idea to implement.
  • Writing, writing is my life, I still remember at 5th grade of elementary school I win writing competition for a child in Bobo magazine. And I get a big school backpack from them. I like that experience, and keep doing writing while I grow up. Publishing one book with a significant book publisher in Indonesia, use Bahasa Indonesia, and that’s it. Writing in the Indonesian language is not so profitable in my opinion, so that’s why I’m done, 1 book is enough to prove that I’m a writer in Indonesia language, the book title is “Panduan Mendapatkan S1 Gratisan Dalam & Luar Negeri”. Now I’m learning to write in English, it’s much harder than writing in Bahasa, but I need to do that. My study requires me to do publication in English, and I did it, once, for a conference paper, with reviewer notes that my grammar is so weak. Last January I and my girlfriend try to publish 1 journal article, get rejected because of the poor English writing. So that’s how my writing journey in English begin, I’m so sorry if you find a lot of mistake in my blog, and also the wrong style. But I promise you I keep improving, I order a yearly package of the best grammar correction tools out there in the internet, Grammarly, and put my time to read English writing book and video course on Coursera, wish me luck.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), I just started to learn this for about one year. So far I’m falling in love with this field, awesome things to learn. Reminding me of early 2012 when I start to learn about the web, digital marketing, WordPress, domain, and hosting. AI field is a little bit more advanced than web things, but I hope after some years, I could mastering this field and do some work related to AI.

And much more things that included in my education to-do-list. With this blog I share to you guys what I have learned, I hope it could help you somehow someday.

Best Regards
Ahmad Arib Alfarisy

Foto Ahmad Arib Alfarisy